Our Special Features

HRM & Payroll

Manage the whole employee life cycle, including hiring, payroll, attendance, expense claims, and asset transfers.


Improve the sales process to gain and keep more clients. Follow up on leads, seize chances, and send quotes.

Supplier & Purchasing

Critical components of supply chain management that involve the sourcing, evaluation, and procurement of goods.

Accounting & Financial

It involves the recording, analysis, and management of financial information and resources.


Effectively manage inventories, job cards, production planning, and bill of materials on several levels.

Report & Analytics

Analyzing and interpreting data within reports to derive meaningful insights.

Inventory & Stock Management

It involves managing the entire lifecycle of inventory, from procurement to storage, tracking, and eventual sale.

Order Management

system involves the processes and activities related to receiving, processing, fulfilling, and tracking customer orders. It encompasses various stages..

Supply Chain Management

It involves the planning, execution, and control of various activities related to the flow of goods, services, and information.